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  • Yard of Taste - Avli Restaurant Zante Town - Zakynthos Restaurants Greece

    Tasty, nutritious and beautifully served dishes in a colorful and upbeat environment.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our pretty yard.

  • Zante Town Restaurants Yard of Taste - Zakynthos Vegan Restaurants Greece

    Sit back comfortably and choose one of the various dishes on our menu.

    Let your senses take in the aromas, the colors and the deliciousness of our vegan, gluten free and organically produced flavors. You will not be able to resist…

  • Zante Town Vegan Restaurants Yard of Taste - Zakynthos Restaurants Greece

    If you are looking for the absolute dining experience in a beautiful environment with friendly service, step right in!

At our restaurant eating healthy is a delicious experience. You don’t know what you’re missing unless you try it!

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Delicious food. The healthy choice.

Ask us and we will adjust our dishes to your nutritional preferences.

Avli Restaurant is the first on the island of Zakynthos to serve innovative dishes with fresh, organic ingredients for vegans, gluten free fans and people who enjoy delicious food in general. The owner, Giota Papadopoulou puts all her love and care, as well as her knowledge and experience as a personal trainer into creating and serving each dish.

Yard of Taste Traditional Organic Restaurants in Zakynthos Zante

Our menu

Yard Traditional Restaurant Zante

~ Appetizers ~

Potato Nest

Crispy potato “straw”, Lefkada salami, eggs & graviera cream (optional summer season black truffle)

Feta in Oat Crust

Served with handmade tomato jam

Zucchini Croquettes

In kataifi crust and Zakynthian thyme honey

Open Pie of the Day

Beef Carpaccio

With black truffle mayonnaise, sourdough bread crumble & pickled Zakynthian water onions (optional summer season black truffle)

Greek Style Ceviche

Marinated fish of the day with wakame seaweed, fish roe & basil oil

Sashimi of the day

Fresh fish of the day, leche de tigre & herbal oil

Fish roe

Served with crispy flakes of sourdough bread

~ Salads ~

Greek Caprese

Fresh Zakynthian mizithra cheese with cherry tomatoes & basil pesto

Yard Salad

Mixed vegetables, seasonal fruits, caramelized nuts, cheese donuts & orange vinaigrette


Quinoa, beluga lentils, avocado, baby vegetables, strawberries & citrus vinaigrette

Beetroot Salad

Marinated beetroot with aged balsamic vinegar, mixed vegetables, pickled onion, bread crumble, strawberries & Zakynthian pretza cheese


Mixed vegetables, crispy chicken or shrimp, crispy bacon, corn, crispy bread flakes, parmesan & Caesar’s dressing

~ Main Dishes ~

Yard Moussaka

Baked eggplant, Black Angus minced meat breeze, baked vegetables, graviera cheese cream from Naxos & crispy potato “straw”

Greek Lamb Ballotine

Greek lamb ballotine, celery root puree, baked vegetables & lamb demi-glace with rosemary

Veal Cheeks

Baked cauliflower puree, baked vegetables & roast beef sauce with rosemary


Skioufichta pasta with creamy mushroom sauce, chicken fillets, fresh thyme, mushrooms & crispy onion (optional summer season black truffle)

Mushroom Orzotto

(optional summer season black truffle)

~ Seafood ~

Shrimp pasta

Linguini with shrimp bisque, tomato sauce & fresh basil

Greek Crayfish Giouvetsi

Crayfish, orzo, shrimp bisque, tarragon, curry, lime & fresh herbs

Grilled octopus

With fava from Santorini, fish roe cream & baked vegetables

Sea bass Fillet

Stuffed with salmon, grilled vegetables & fresh mussel sauce

Shrimp Ravioli

Handmade ravioli stuffed with shrimp, creamy bisque & fresh herbs (optional summer season black truffle)

~ Premium Cuts ~

Black Angus inside skirt steak

Tomahawk beef steak

Beef fillet medallion

Argentinian Rib-Eye

Black Pork Steak (Bio)

Greek black pork from Olympus especially bred with olives

Free range chicken fillet

Garnish choices

Potato rocks, puree of the day, grilled vegetables or summer season black truffle

Sauce choices

Zakynthian Black Muscat wine sauce, black truffle mayonnaise, pepper sauce or Greek chimichurri sauce with nuts

~ Sweet Temptations ~

Chocolate Lovers

Bitter chocolate mousse with run, bueno feuilletine & chocolate praline


Crispy meringue filled with white chocolate ganache montée, fruits & mango - passion fruit gel


Warm galaktobureko with fluffy semolina cream, aromatic syrup, crispy leaves & vanilla ice cream


Cream puff filled with namelaka peanut butter, vanilla ice cream & salty caramel syrup

~ Vegetarian / Vegan ~

~ Appetizers ~

Vegan feta in oat crust

Served with homemade tomato jam


Vegan sausage, vegan feta & Florina pepper

Open pie of the day

~ Salads ~


Quinoa, beluga lentils, avocado, baby vegetables, strawberries & citrus vinaigrette

Greek Caprese

Vegan feta, cherry tomatoes & vegan basil pesto

Chicken Salad

Vegan crusted chicken, mixed greens, corn, crispy bread flakes & Caesar’s sauce

~ Main Dishes ~

Forest Orzotto

Mushroom mix, coconut & black truffle cream & fresh herbs (optional summer season black truffle)


Vegan minced meat, baked eggplant and vegetables, soy milk bechamel & crispy potato “straw”


Pasta with vegan minced meat, vegan feta and cheese bechamel

Vegan Gyros

Vegan gyros, garlic herb sauce, crispy potatoes

~ Sweet Temptations ~

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Vegan chocolate mousse with coconut, chocolate crumble, mango - passion fruit gel, strawberries & caramelized hazelnuts
Zante Restaurants Yard of Taste - Vegan Restaurants in Zakynthos Greece

Where to Find Us

Yard Traditional Restaurant Zante

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Avli Traditional Restaurant
15 Rizospaston & Desylla Str,
Zante Town, Zakynthos Greece
(+30) 26950 29815

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Open Hours

Every day
13:00 to 0:00

From the owner


"We are eager for you to try our innovative vegan and gluten-free dishes!"



Yard Traditional Restaurant Zante

  • “Fantastic vegan food”

    Such an expierence in flavours, loving atmosphier and exceptionel service. The interior was verh hippiechic and impressive. We ste lunch and went back for dinner just because ig was sich an perfect expierence both in flavour and service.

    Jim & Jennifer
  • “What a find -lovely !”

    My husband and I made an evening trip to Zante town and came across this restaurant by chance in a little side street away from the hustle and bustle and it was heaven . The decor is so quirky a mixture of Greek and Cath kitson prints with an inside and courtyard seating area. The food was awesome very fresh and tasty -in fact we think it was the best food we had during our stay in Zante. Well worth a visit (or two) if you are in Zante town!

    Carrie J
  • “Delicious grilled local fish ”

    Pretty restaurant. Tastefully and comfortably furnished, like a homely, arty beach house. Made to feel incredibly welcome by the owners. Even taken into the kitchen to choose which fresh fish was going to be grilled for us. Then starters were chosen for us, a lovely grilled feta and fig salad with fresh tomatoes and olive oil on bread. Then the fish arrived with potatoes. All food was perfectly seasoned, herbed, and drizzled in Greek olive oil. Healthy, tasty and special. On a side street off the marina but definitely worth finding this gem!!! Highly recommend!

    Olivier A